For students worldwide that would like an English-language education, what better place to study than the country that invented the language? We can help you to become a full time student!


Congratulations: you’ve made one of the biggest – and hopefully most rewarding – decisions you’ll ever have to make in your life. Now there’s just one small obstacle standing in your way: actually getting into the university of your choice…

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We truly appreciate your time and we will help you in your way of become a real student as soon as possible!

Required Documents to start study

(photocopies or scanned documents):

Identity document
A copy of your passport or ID card
Education document
Secondary education / basic education certificate.
Biographical information (in English)
Cover letter
Cover letter (in English about 320 words, why you want to study this specialty)
Proof of status
(Settled or Pre-Settled) or student visa
Proof of address of residence

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England: The Best Place To Study


The loan for undergraduate studies can reach £9000 – £18.000 per year (for each undergraduate year). In the case of part-time studies, £6750. The annual interest rate on the loan is up to 3 percent plus an inflation indicator, which currently stands at 1.75 percent. For loan repayment purposes 9 per cent is deducted from your income exceeding £26.000 a year (before taxes).


        - Any person between the ages of 18 and 60 can study.
        Duration of studies:
        - full-time studies at a college last two years,
        - full-time bachelor's studies usually last 3-4 years,
        - master's studies and TOP UP studies 1 year;
        - A person intending to study in England must provide all the necessary admission documents. Verified, orderly and appropriate documents are sent for registration to the university or college of your choice. In some cases, educational institutions ask for applications to be completed through the UCAS (UK University and College Admissions Office) system. Those wishing to study for the second cycle studies also submit all the necessary documents to the consultant. Approved and appropriate documents are sent for registration to the selected educational institution;
        - Documents can be submitted to 3-4 educational institutions at the same time. If you fail to enroll in one of the universities or colleges you choose, you can try another program of your choice at another institution.
        - Upon receipt of a person's request to study, the educational institution invites the applicant to an interview in which he or she is asked why the subject is being chosen and the person's academic qualities are assessed;
        - To study in England, you need to pass an IELTS or TOEFL English test. An English test is required to test the English language knowledge and skills of entrants. However, often the English language proficiency test takes place at the university itself, in rare cases it is sufficient to simply pass the maturity exam;
        - Individuals who have received confirmation from an educational institution that they have been admitted to study are eligible to apply for a tuition loan. Also for maintenance loans. *
        * - a living loan is granted to a working and already resident student in England. The more years you live in England, the higher the loan can be. While studying for a master's degree, a living loan is not granted, it is granted only for studies.

              Student loan

              All English higher education is paid, but loans are available for all levels of study (Student Finance). Thus, we guarantee full assistance in entering a higher education institution, as well as assistance in obtaining funding for studies and life while you are studying.
              What size loan is available?
              - An undergraduate loan can be up to £ 9250 per year (paid each year of undergraduate study).
              - The loan for a Master's degree can be a maximum of £ 10,609 for the entire study period, so if the program you choose costs more, you will have to pay the excess yourself.
              - The amount of money is transferred to the specified university for one year ahead (in the case of undergraduate studies), the master’s loan is transferred to the student’s account.
              When do you need to repay the loan?
              - Repayment of the loan depends on the income received.
              - If a graduate stays to live and work in the UK, he or she must earn more than £ 26,000 a year to be considered eligible to repay the loan. If a person earns less than a certain amount, he does not need to repay the loan.
              - The loan repayment term is 30 years, if the loan is not repaid within this period, it is written off!

              * The loan for Bachelor's, Master's and TOP UP studies is granted to persons with SETTLED or PRE-SETTLED status.

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                    - Individuals intending to study in the UK can apply for a scholarship. Our company also provides all the necessary materials for filling in this application.

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